Pat Manson's Elite Immersion Pole Vault Camps Pat Manson's Elite Immersion Pole Vault Camps

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above the bar pole vault club

Kudo's and Comments

"Pat Manson's technical abilities are amazing. He is capable of breaking down every minute move involved in the act of a successful vault and has a corresponding drill for the kids to use to improve themselves. Perhaps even more importantly, his enthusiasm for the sport and kids is nothing short of infectious. I highly recommend him to anyone serious about improving their pole vaulting abilities." - D and C Gray, Parents

"The absolute best thing you could ever do for your vaulting career. Pat was the nicest guy on the face of the earth, and is a really tremendous coach. I recommend this to anyone serious about their vaulting." - Jeremy Brading, 16'6" (so far) High School Vaulter

Boulder, Colorado